3 Things to Know Before Installing a Patio Cover

Installing a new patio cover on your home can add value, functionality, and aesthetic appeal to your outdoor living space. However, before embarking on such a project, it is important to consider the following three things:

Building codes and permits: Before building a new patio cover, it is important to check with your local permit office to ensure that you are in compliance with all applicable building codes. This will include obtaining necessary permits for concrete, framing and roofing, and any electrical components you want to add to your patio cover such as ceiling fans or outlets. Permit offices ensure that the patio cover posts are properly anchored and that the build plans meet structural requirements. Luckily, any professional patio cover installation company will navigate and manage the permit process for you.

Materials and Design: The materials and design of your patio cover have a significant impact on its durability, maintenance requirements, price point, and overall appearance. Important decisions must be made during the design process such as whether to use cedar or pine lumber, roofing material, or how the ceiling will be installed. Consider your budget, and desired aesthetic when choosing materials and design.

Professional Installation: Designing and installing a patio cover is a complex and labor-intensive process. It's often best to leave this task to professionals like Allen Wrench Handyman & Renovations, who have the experience to ensure that the cover is properly installed and meets all safety and structural code requirements.

So, if you're considering a patio cover for your home, don't hesitate to schedule a free design consultation with the Allen Wrench Handyman & Renovations Design Team. We can help you navigate the building codes, materials selections, architectural planning, and design options that are best for your home. With the help of our team, you can ensure that your patio cover is built to last, and that it will look great for years to come.

Schedule your free design consultation today and take the next step towards enjoying your beautiful new patio cover!


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