4 Ways to Not Get Scammed by Contractors

We have heard unbelievable horror stories from our customers about their terrible experiences with other contractors.

Experiences like leaving their house torn apart, taking ridiculous amounts of time to finish, terrible quality of work, not cleaning the job site, and worse.

Then the contractors ghost them.

We truly Do Not want this to ever happen to you. So, we made a short list for you.

4 Questions to Ask to NOT get Scammed by Contractors.

1: Do They Have Physical Offices?

Most so-called "contractors" are just a "chuck in a truck" as we put it. Working with a contractor that is a legitimate company with offices like Allen Wrench Handyman & Renovations guarantees they can not disappear on you.

2: Are They Insured?

Unintended damages can occur to your home during a build project. For example, cutting a water line and flooding the house. If a contractor can not provide proof of insurance, they are far more likely to abandon the project if something goes wrong. Allen Wrench is fully insured, and we can prove it. Always be sure your contractor can present a certificate of insurance to you.

3: Is There a Warranty in the contract?

All of our work comes with a written 1 year warranty in the contract. Most "contractors" give lip service and say "if something breaks just call me back". This gives you no recourse as a homeowner if you can't reach them.

4: Do They Have an Established Digital Presence and Reviews?

Any contractor that doesn't have a website, or isn't on Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor, and Google can not call themselves a real company.

Just having a page isn't enough.

They must be able to prove through their social media content and history that they are experts at what they do.

Take the time to read a company's Google reviews, look at their posts, read their comments, and review their website before you allow them to perform new construction on your one and only home.

The world of contractors can be frightening to navigate without prior experience. Allen Wrench Handyman & Renovations has raised the standard of reliability and integrity in the Texas home improvement market over the past 8 years

You should verify that a contractor meets these 4 criteria before even requesting a quote.
Allen Wrench is here to ensure that homeowners have someone they can trust to execute their projects, and do so with excellence.

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